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No Surprises!

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On recital days, our daughters and granddaughters don beautiful costumes. But the daily practice work of a ballerina is done in a time-honored uniform called the leotard. Strangely enough, the leotard was not born in the ballet school but in the world of aerial acrobatics....

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No Surprises!

Consider these often-heard expressions:             “I didn’t see that coming!”             “I never expected that to happen!”             “Did you ever think this would happen to us?”             “I never imagined having to deal with this—ever!” You and I hear expressions like th...

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Shelter in God

As you shelter in place... Shelter in God

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Today's Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

Sometimes, when a toddler is exhausted or the path is too steep, the child will be scooped up and carried by a parent....

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